20 Modes Vibration Wireless Vibrating Egg for Female BV-010

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Product Description

Type: Remote Control Egg
Remote Control: 10-15 m
Material: soft and flexible silicone resin
Function: 20 Modes Vibration
Powered By: 3 X AAA (NO Included),
Size:Total Length 12.8 cm ,egg body ,6.8 cm ,diameter 3cm
Color: pink, purple, blue
Waterproof : 100% waterproof

Function characteristics:

20 frequency vibration: remote control distance of 10M–15M, even if the vibration can also remote control outside the door.

Silica gel mosaic: uses the popular with silica gel petals mosaic, beautiful and delicate touch.

Ultra small size: smaller than current size, all remote Tiaodan market in Asia.

The lowest noise: less than mobile phone vibration of the product noise, stealth without worry.

Silica gel sealing: silica gel with petals sealing antenna interface, completely waterproof.

Silica gel soft tail: silica gel coated antennas, let it with the received signal and do the Choucha action effects, fun and practical.

LED flash: night light your privates, let you ride on a cloud, tread air, taste pretty.

Use: vagina clitoris nipple parts and other sensitive areas.

Speed: 20 speed

Specification: chief 12.8cm egg 6.8cm diameter 3cm

Color:  aristocratic powder, royal purple

3 No. 7 batteries battery (sold separately.)

100% waterproof waterproof performance

Ingredients: silicone soft and elastic

remote controller type

Function: in vitro stimulation

Note:  battery installation please follow the method of using the instructions on the operation, do not mistake installing the battery

*confidence guarantee that buying this Tiaodan customers enjoy returned package of 1 months, 1 year warranty service!

Troubleshooting: when you jump and remote controller inside the battery will lead to the following situations:

1 jump vibration appeared only 1 frequencies, can not be normal transformation frequency and the switch gear

2 remote Tiaodan Tiaodan not normally closed, always in motion

3 remote control distance is too short, less than 12 meters

4 eggs only weak vibration, the vibration strength decrease

In such cases, you will jump and remote rapid replacement of new battery, and then restart, it can be used as normal (because the product is a wireless remote control chip, the battery power requirements are relatively high)

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