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Well, Mumbai is one of the most popular and populous cities in Maharashtra. Mumbai is the home city of Bollywood and Web series. Most people from different places come to this city to implement their dreams, so this city is also known as the dream city. Mumbai city has also the importance of fulfilling your fantasy along with fulfilling your dream. Because there is a wide variety of sex toys in Mumbai as per discrimination of demands for sex toys.

The History of Sex Toys in Mumbai

Know the story of sex toys in Mumbai along with knowing all about the features and importance of sex toys. The basic uses of sex toys as well as the mostly asked questions from our customers assist to make you a pro player in the bed.

Sex Toys in Mumbai
Sex Toys in Mumbai

How We Become The Right Destination for Buying Sex Products in Mumbai

Sextoy Hub is a top-ranked and mostly preferred sex toys shop in Mumbai. The growing demand for sex toys and supplying products as per their increasing demands- nowadays become a big challenge for the sex toys stores available in Mumbai. We are one of the oldest and most genuine shops for sex toys and we also accustomed ourselves each and every time to the changing demands of the customers. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible to sustain our existence in this uncertain toys for sex in Mumbai market for a longer period.

How have we become no 1 sex toys shop in the sex toys market in Mumbai? We started our business 10 years. We had to face so many uncertainties while running our business. But now, we have been able to turn our uncertainties into convictions. This attributes to our experience, nuance observation, strong foresight, deep market research etc. As a result, we are able to erect a great instance in the Mumbai sex toys market.

Toys for Sex for Males in Mumbai

Sex Toys for Men in Mumbai
Sex Toys for Men in Mumbai

There is a lot of collections of sex toys for male in Mumbai. The most selling sex toys for men available in the city of Mumbai are as follows:

Have A Doll in Mumbai!

Sex Dolls in Mumbai
Sex Dolls in Mumbai

Doll sex toy in Mumbai is not only for single-guy parties. With life-like highlights, and even direct measurements and positions, they’ve come a significant long path from their inflatable gag blessing past. A few models even accompany fun adaptable augmentations like devious tattoos are untouchable piercings. There’s no discussion. 


Regardless of whether you’re an expert debater or merely a beginner, we would all be able to concur that degenerates are an excellent item for two ladies and men. The men’s masturbators, sex toys for men in Mumbai arrive in an assortment of expertly formed and affectionately point-by-point vaginas, amble tits, and smooth asses. All plumped and prepared for your pleasure.

Importance of Sex Dolls at a Glance:

  • Do not let yourself feel the lack of your partner.
  • Provide the real pleasure of real sex.
  • The best solution for frustrated singles.
  • Every part of a sex doll makes you feel as real as a real sexy woman.

Most Asked Question- "I Don’t Have a Girlfriend Yet, So Which Sex Toys in The City of Mumbai Can Be Suggested for Me to Fill The Absence of a Girlfriend in My Life?"

Yes, we know after a certain age everyone needs a life partner. But the people who are not able to find a partner, become frustrated. Don’t be sad and depressed, it’s a very normal thing. Although we cannot find a partner for you, we can recommend you a replica doll to fulfil your demand. You can treat a sex doll like your partner and you can do all the sexual activities with a sex doll. In foreign countries, men do marry sex dolls, adult toys for men in Mumbai. So, men, have a sex doll and be independent.

Healthy Masturbation with Masturbator Sex Toys in Mumbai

Masturbators in Mumbai
Masturbators in Mumbai

Utilizing exposed hands for masturbation is currently improved with the Fleshlight Masturbator. Our deviants are accessible effectively to all Mumbai individuals. Best quality and dependable one. These are the best sex toys in Mumbai for single boys. Most young boys have to spend lonely lives in Mumbai because of their educational and job purpose. 

These adult toys in Mumbai do not let you feel the loneliness of your life. Boys! You don’t have a partner! Do not be frustrated! Masturbators help to provide you with the real fun of the sex life. Whenever you use this product you can feel the really tight vagina of a real girl.

Pocket Pussy

Pocket Pussy in Mumbai
Pocket Pussy in Mumbai

Pocket pussy is a popular and selling masturbators, sexy items in Mumbai, found in less economical budget avail at our store. This toy is the replica of a pussy of a sexy lady. The special thing about these adult products in Mumbai is that it can be easily hidden from other people’s eyes. This is too small in size to carry in a pocket or bag but provides you maximum sexual satisfaction; because this small size item can swallow your big size of dick.

Fleshlight Masturbator

Fleshlight Masturbator in Mumbai
Fleshlight Masturbator in Mumbai

Fleshlight Masturbators are the convenient pussy that is on each man’s must-have list. They are advantageously covered as a spotlight, larger can, or other harmless things. Deliberately tucked inside is an ideal visual imitation of the best pussy possible. Keenly made out of super-soft silicon, the fleshlights, popular sex toys for men in Mumbai have many shapes that support, rub, and fold over your part in quite a few different ways. Do shopping with our sex toys store in Mumbai for the best quality sex toys.

Important Notes Regarding Masturbator at a Glance

  • One of the most famous masturbator sex toys available in Mumbai.
  • Improve the masturbation experience.
  • Provide real sexual pleasure.
  • Soft and really like a real female pussy.

Most Asked Question- "My Friend Has A Bad Habit of Handjob Masturbation; How Can I Help Him in This Regard?"

Yes, a handjob is really a very bad habit for men which can affect their sex life later. Due to daily handjob masturbation, men are dependent on their hands, so they will feel more comfortable with handjob masturbation than with real sex. But don’t worry there are the most popular masturbators sexy products in Mumbai, named Fleshlight masturbator, which will be very helpful for your friend. It can provide more and more levels of sexual fantasy rather than hand-based masturbation. Say to him to stop doing a jerk off his hands and have a fleshlight masturbator from our sex toys shop in Mumbai which can change his life

Cock Ring Against Premature Ejaculation in Mumbai

Cock Ring in Mumbai
Cock Ring in Mumbai

Men from Mumbai who needs to control their erections? We convey a cock ring in a sex toys store in Mumbai effectively and quickly. Presently make erection harder. We likewise have a vibrating rooster ring for individuals who need to encounter vibration work. Most men are suffering from their less sexual timing. For this reason, they cannot make their wives happy. In a city like Mumbai, it is very often that many relations are broken and they are involved in a new affair. Sad but true. But men need not be scared. Here cock rings, adult toys for men in Mumbai help you to make strong your relationship by increasing your sexual timing and immature fall.

What is The Importance of Cock Rings at A Glance?

  • Enhance your masturbation or sexual timing.
  • Increase the spam density.
  • Provide a great sex life.

Most Asked Question- "My Husband Cannot Stay Longer Than 7-10 Minutes with Me on The Bed Due to His Less Sexual Timing; Which Sex Toy Can Be Suggested for My Husband?"

Here, you can have a cock rings, adult toys for women in Mumbai to increase his sexual session. It can help to hold his ejaculation so that he can easily last 35-40 minutes with you on the mattress.

Penis Enlargement Toys in Mumbai

Penis Extender in Mumbai
Penis Extender in Mumbai

The products in this enlargement category are very helpful to dissolve the issue for men who have a small and thin penis. Men, now don’t have to be depressed not to satisfy their women with their tiny penis. Because the sex toys available in the enlargement category can change your sex life by providing a revolutionary growth of your penis. The toys for sex in Mumbai included in this enlargement category are as follows:

Penis Extender Sleeve

Penis Extender Sleeve in Mumbai
Penis Extender Sleeve in Mumbai

Penis extender sleeves are also known as condom sleeves, more clearly re-usable condoms. These are made with full silicones whose dickhead portion, around 2-2.5 inches is solid and the rest of the body is hollow. So, whenever you wear this penis sleeve on your penis during sex, you will get extra growth on your normal size of the penis.

Penis Enlarger Pump

Penis Enlarger Pump in Mumbai
Penis Enlarger Pump in Mumbai

Penis enlargement pumps, adult toys for men in Mumbai are more likely air-filling or water-filling pumps. These can scientifically turn your small and thin penis into a larger one. You have to insert your small inside the hollow tube or water-filled tube and instantly you can increase the penis size by pumping it up. This device helps to swell up your muscle tissues by restricting your blood circulation.

Penis Enlargement Cream

Penis Enlargement Cream in Mumbai
Penis Enlargement Cream in Mumbai

Penis enlargement cream is a kind of herbal product to increase your penis size. These are purely herbal products, made with organic substances, quite effective to augment your penis size. 

Characteristics of Penis Enlargement Toys in Short

  • Increase your penis size.
  • Do not harm your sex life
  • Free from any side effects
  • Build an impressive personality to your woman

Most Asked Question- "Can I Build Up An Impressive Personality to My Girl by Making My Penis Extra Larger and Thicker as Per Her Desire?"

Yes, of course, you can. You can choose any sex toy from the enlargement category. If you want to get the most effective result, you can use a penis enlargement pump or oil. It may take a few times but give internal growth of your penis. On the other hand, if you want to get an instantaneous result, you may go for penis sleeves.

Commodities to Alleviate the Fantasy of Women in Mumbai

Sex Toys for Women in Mumbai
Sex Toys for Women in Mumbai

Buy affordable sex toys for Women near you. There are plenty of collection of sex toys for women in Mumbai which can improve the masturbation experience and sort out the sexual problems of women, given below.

Artificial Hymen to Build Fake Virginity in Mumbai

Artificial Hymen in Mumbai
Artificial Hymen in Mumbai

The artificial hymen doesn’t fall into the category ‘toy for sex in Mumbai’ rather these are one of the useful merchandises. Who does not want to get a virgin wife? But in a city like Mumbai, it is very difficult to get a virgin wife. Actually, virginity is not an issue. In foreign countries losing virginity is treated as normal. But in India losing virginity is determined as a big issue. Many marriage relations are broken due to loosing of virginity. So, girls need not be worried about it. These sex items in Mumbai help you to occur fake bleeding from your vagina while your first-night sex and you will be deemed as a virgin girl.

Have a Gentle Look Below Regarding Artificial Hymen at A Glance

  • Provide fake virginity to the non-virgin girl.
  • Save the relationships for virginity issues.
  • Release fake bleeding during the first sex with your partner.

Most Asked Question- "Most of The Guys Denied to Marry Me for My Non-Virginity Issue, So Now I’ve decided to a Medical Surgery to Get My Virginity Back. Is There Another Option to Save My Life Instead of This Painful Surgery?"

First of all, we, one of the remarkable sex toys providers in Mumbai can say that virginity is not a big issue. In foreign countries, people do not make it so complicated. But some men have a requirement to get a virgin wife. Here, we cannot bring your virginity back but can suggest you an artificial hymen, which can provide you with fake virginity, so that your partner cannot feel that you are a non-virgin girl. It helps to make your vagina tighter and release fake bleeding during your first sex. We think that an artificial hymen may be the best choice of yours than a painful surgery.

Dildos in Mumbai

Dildo in Mumbai
Dildo in Mumbai

To make a long story short, girls are fond of big-size dildos. Both single and married women crave dildos. Dildos are all about a ray of hope for girls who are not satisfied by their men or frustrated with their single life. The syllabus of dildos is so large that you hardly can get this end. None but less, such popular dildos, adult toys in Mumbai are as follows:

Glass Dildo

Glass Dildo in Mumbai
Glass Dildo in Mumbai

Glass dildos are basically made with glasses. It has a transparent and sexy look. There’s no chance of breaking the glass-made dildo because of making bullet-proof glasses.

Non-Vibrating Dildo

Non Vibrating Dildo in Mumbai
Non Vibrating Dildo in Mumbai

Non-vibrating dildos are a kind of solo sex toys online in Mumbai. Girls can masturbate alone in their homes and get a realistic sexual experience. There are different sizes (5-10”) of non-vibrating dildos available online.

Vibrating Dildo

Vibrating dildos are similar to normal dildos but different for their extra vibrating features. This vibrating mod is awesome for clit massage. Such dildos have thrusting, heating rotating features too with the vibrating mode.

Anal Dildo

Anal Dildo in Mumbai
Anal Dildo in Mumbai

Anal dildos are one of the best erotic adult products in Mumbai. The role of anal dildos is exciting the sex life. These kinds of dildos are made according to butt-hole. 

Role of Didos Shortly

  • Provide real fucking experience.
  • Give a proxy of your partner.
  • Arouse your sex drive.
  • End you up with a lot of cum.

Most Asked Question- "Why Do Girls Fall in Love with Dildos in Mumbai?"

 Dildos are artificial penis that sexually pleases a woman how loner girls want. While having sex with a real guy, such horny girls can’t be satisfied with their either less penis size or less sexual timing. But in the case of dildos, they can choose as per their desirable size or masturbate whenever and for how long they desire.

Vibrator to Fantasize The Libido in Mumbai

We have assortments of vibrators, sex toys for female in Mumbai. Men likewise utilize a vibrator to turn sexual requirements. It is more secure to use by both. In the city of Mumbai, girls are very independent. 

Most of the girls have to stay lonely due to their working purpose. So, they like to use this sex toy to change the relish of their boring lonely life. Different types of vibrators are available at our shop. Some relevant collections of vibrator Mumbai sex toys are described below:

G-spot Vibrator

G-Spot Vibrator in Mumbai
G-Spot Vibrator in Mumbai

G-spot vibrators, sex toys for women are used to massage the g-spot area of the female vagina. Most girls want to feel horny by stimulating their g-spot. Here, the G-spot vibrators, adult toys in Mumbai help to provide them with a great sensation in the g-spot and make them orgasm faster.

Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit Vibrator in Mumbai
Rabbit Vibrator in Mumbai

Rabbit vibrators are used to give massage on the clitoral area of the female vagina. Clit is one of the most sensible parts of the female vagina. As these vibrator sex toys for women in Mumbai are used to stimulate the clitoral area which looks like rabbits’ ears, this is called a rabbit vibrator. It assists you to annihilate your sexual fantasies and give your heavenly pleasure.

Smart Vibrator

Smart Vibrator in Mumbai
Smart Vibrator in Mumbai

Smart vibrators: Smart vibrators are the same as the other vibrators. But it is called smart because of its smart feature. Smart vibrators have some advanced features which make them unique from other vibrators, sexy toys in Mumbai. It is easily operated via Bluetooth on the cell phone. There is some smartest collection of smart vibratos such as flamingo vibrators, Irena vibrators, and las vibrators. There is an excellent feature of these vibrators.

Most Asked Question- "My Boyfriend is in Bangalore for His Job While I’m in Mumbai. We Cannot Enjoy Our Sex Life Due to This Long Distance Relationship. I Think It’s Silly to Ask, is There Any Sex Toy to Make Our Sex Life Better?"

You may think this is a very silly question, because how a sex toy will help you in this situation, lol. Yes, have a smart vibrator which can be more helpful for video call sex chatting in case of a long-distance relationship. You are in Mumbai but your partner is in Bangalore, right? You can buy these Mumbai sex toys from our store. So, your partner can easily operate your vibrator from Bangalore by using the mobile app. In this way, you can enjoy your sex life in a long-distance relationship.

Adult Items to Make the Couples’ Life More Colorful in Mumbai

Couple Sex Toys in Mumbai
Couple Sex Toys in Mumbai

There are exclusive collections of couples with sex toys for couple in Mumbai which can make their sex life more attractive and delightful. The popular sex toys for couple are as follows.

BDSM Kits for Master-slave Roleplay in Mumbai

BDSM Kits in Mumbai
BDSM Kits in Mumbai

BDSM is erotic and something different kind of sexual practice. Normal people do not try this. As Mumbai is a well-developed city and most of the people are advanced in this city. So, bondage sex toys for couple in Mumbai has a good demand in Mumbai. This is very interesting in couples’ sex life. When couples enjoy their sex life by playing the role of dominant and submissive and giving or receiving pain, then it is called BDSM. 

Different types of BDSM toys are available at our sex toys shop in Mumbai. These are Ball gags sex toys for couples in Mumbai to restrain partners’ moaning, Handcuffs for tying couples’ hands, Blind folders to take the right of vision of the partner, and Paddles, Ruler, and Floggers etc adult toys in Mumbai for giving pain to the partner during sex.

Have a Look at The Following Points Below To Know This Concept Better

  • Bring a new relish to sex life.
  • Make your boring and faded sex life more attractive,
  • Make strong the bonding of the couples.

Most Asked Question- "I Want to Enjoy My Sex Life in An Erotic Way, So, Can I Have BDSM Sex Toys in This Regard?"

Yes, BDSM can be the best option for erotic sexual practice. Here your partner can play a dominant role during sex and vice versa. Most couples choose BDSM sex toys in Mumbai, to enjoy their sex life in a different and erotic way. So, you can have BDSM toys to enjoy erotic sex.

Strap-on Dildo, Saviour of Your Conjugal Life in Mumbai

Strap On Dildo in Mumbai
Strap On Dildo in Mumbai

Strap-on dildos are one of the unique and advanced adult toys for couple in Mumbai for couples and lesbian girls. The people in Mumbai are smart enough to accept this exclusive sexual merchandise. There are two types of strap-on dildos available at our sex toys store in Mumbai i.e. hollow strap-on dildos and solid strap-on dildo sex toys for couples in Mumbai. Both are found in vibrating and non-vibrating modes. This is used by fastening its belt around the waist with the partner.

Important Notes About Strap On Dildo:

  • Improve the sexual life.
  • Cover the short penis inside it.
  • Men can fully satisfy their women by using these sex toys in Mumbai.
  • Sexual Items for LGBT Community in Mumbai

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Features of our products

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Features of Our Service

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People below the age of 18 are strictly restricted at our store. We don’t promote any pornography or vulgarity. We don’t have any offline store and we run our business with credibility and adhering to the rules of the government. 

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