***This is the legitimate website which complies with all the rules, regulations and protocols of the government. This website is only for adult (18+) people, only they can visit or shop from our website according to our terms and conditions. The persons below the age of 18 are strictly prohibited to visit or shop from our website.***

*** Due to Covid situation the time of delivery can be delayed in a few cases. Our company is not responsible for that.***

Sextoy Hub is marketing sex toys and adult products only. Sextoy Hub makes no demand about their sex products. Sextoy Hub gives no warranty on their products. Sextoy Hub is a promise able site for sex toy in India. Alongside Sextoy Hub clearly to brief that on their products are certified and maintain high quality. After that, Sextoy Hub don’t give their products under law of warranty. If you have some problem on the products, services, delivery and anything related Sextoy Hub will help you as much as possible. But exceptions could be happened. They obviously sort out their problem of the clients but you also know that Sextoy Hub has a terms and condition. In that page Sextoy Hub stated their full terms and conditions. If you want to know details about terms and conditions, you should open that above mentioned page.

When you are purchasing sex products from Sextoy Hub, the products should be covered by the few conditions. These are returning policy of products, responsible for damage products, payment issue etc. They are always wanted to serve their customers at the best level. For this reason, Sextoy Hub are growing their business very rapidly in the market of sex toys in India.

The product is duly checked by our team. The quality assurance of the products does not cover some following points: damages, breakage, changes in appearances, kinks or the gradual degradation of all parts of the goods due to normal wear, mishap, careless handling, improper use or use of our care instructions.

Sextoy Hub is always conscious about their service, buyers and mainly their products. They never compromise in these matters. Please join the Sextoy Hub and be a satisfying buyer of us. You feel very proud being a part of Sextoy Hub.