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Magic Motion Flamingo APP Control Wireless Smart Vibrator

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Sextoy Hub- Sex Toy for Women in India:

Mentality of The People about Sex in India?

Sex is a word that makes a big issue to society in India. Why people think so?  Why people feel hesitated to utter the word sex? Sex is a normal thing like the other function of human body. Now India is second populous country all over the world. Without sex it is not possible being the second populous country. But people create a big taboo in the sexual matters.  They are comfortable to leave their sexual matters behind their closed door. We all protest the rape cases and share many posts on social media relating this matter.  Even students are provided sex knowledge at school.  But when we see an intimate scene on social media or TV, we immediately Scroll down or change the TV channel.

History of sex toys for Women:

Women Sex Toys History

In this day and age, sex toys or toys like vibrators are used for only one purpose, and that is pleasure. Although the vibrator was invented by men to control women’s sexuality

Everything is natural: the world’s first dildo

Whether it’s raw bananas or dried camel dung – in ancient times people in Greece and Egypt used to make sex toys with a slippery substance on them. Other options were curved stone, leather or wooden objects The world’s first dildo was invented in Germany, 26,000 years ago The 20-centimeter-long stone was used not only as a sex toy, but also as a fire to ignite.


The word dildo first comes from the Latin word dilatare, 14 in the 1400s This means open 7 And in Italy, diletto means open One hundred years after the Italian Renaissance, women sex toys were made of leather and olive oil However, the toy was not as enjoyable to hear as history

Women’s aspirations ?:

For a long time, intercourse meant that men reached the most exciting stage In those male-dominated societies, women’s ‘orgasm’ or giving them satisfaction was neglected. Men who thought women had high sexual desire were considered hysterical patients There were various medical procedures for them

Treatment of women’s sexual needs:

This kind of ‘hysteria’ of women spread all over the world It was seen in almost all women at a certain age As a result, sometimes many people had a fever If such symptoms appear, doctors would recommend vaginal massage on this table Because, at that time masturbation was forbidden

When the dildo turned into a vibrator:

Wealthy women had treatment for any disease, because doctors get a lot of money And so they started working on how to treat their sexual hysteria During the Victorian period in the 180’s. Joseph Mortimer invented the first electro-mechanical vibrator As a result of this device, women could reach extreme arousal in 10 minutes

Happy housewives:

In the twentieth century, various companies started making vibrators Advertisements as health services began to be printed in various magazines. The doctors were not happy at all Many people think that women will no longer need a male partner for orgasm.

The Present Status about Sex Toys for Women in India:

Present days women sex toys

The girl is standing in the drawing room of the house. Her husband and mother-in-law are on the front sofa. The girl is going to give a glass of water to her injured husband. In the next room, Grandma had a remote in her mother-in-law’s hand, which means it wasn’t exactly a TV, but she couldn’t understand it because it was a little less visible. The TV is playing ‘Kavi Khushi Kavi Gham’, he is pressing the button to control the sound of the TV, and the girl’s ‘Shitakare’ is heading home. Reaching the extreme stage when Bauma stopped, the danger that was about to happen.

Does the scene look very familiar? A superhit scene from a popular short film. In fact, the mother-in-law had masturbated. Companion-vibrator. Putting the remote in the wrong place and rushing out of the house to attend to the injured husband is such a mess!

Sex toy! What a scandal Ray Dad? So much talk about sex, discussion, toy again? You mean, like, sex toys? What do you need that toy?

Until a few days ago, no Indian woman could think of using this special toy, thinking about it or discussing it in public. But times are changing. According to a recent survey, Indian women are increasingly buying sex toys. And after the lockdown, the tendency to buy sex toys has increased by about 75%. There is a fear of corona infection from the partner, sex toy is not a bad thing at all. Is that the reason for the increase in demand? That’s the hint.

Finger vibrators, thrusting dildos, vibrators, strap-ons, double-ended dildos, hands-free vibrators all these and many more ট the market price of sex toys is peaking Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Punjab, Delhi, Chennai sex the market price of sextoy is increasing mainly in these cities.

There was a time when talking about sex was a terrible taboo. Especially when a woman talks about her sexual preferences, her needs, it was out of the question. Although or if someone ever opened his mouth about this, immediately the whole society became excited. It is as if a woman has committed an unforgivable injustice by talking about her sexual desire or preference.

But like everything else, a revolution has come to our country in this regard. ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’. What do you remember at first when you hear the name? That red room? Crazy sex. Where not only two bodies are involved, but also some inanimate objects. Remember the heroine of 365 Days? Her reliance on that sex toy for unsatisfied sex with her boyfriend. The problem is, girls have a way of talking about their love, which is true even if it is unnecessary.

However, our education system and culture are also partly responsible for this attitude. Remember, Kangana Ranaut in the movie Queen? She didn’t recognize it when she saw sex toys and various gadgets being sold in the store, on the contrary, she even bought all the things on her father’s credit card as ordinary toys! Don’t call it innocence? Or lack of basic ideas about sex?

However, modern women have been able to overcome this situation a lot. From Water Based Lubricants, Oil Lubricants, Silicone Lubricants, Latex Condoms, Massagers, Sex Games, Role Play Costumes, Son Now In Things.

The issue is not external dependence for violent sex or just unsatisfied sex life. The thing is my body, my desire. The female body is particularly objectified, needless to say. Sexuality or sexual pleasure, these two issues are very one-sided. The share of men’s likes and dislikes is very high. We have been seeing ads for some special products for the shape of girls’ breasts and vagina for a long time. The reason for all this is that one-sided sexual pleasure. The only rule is to think of happiness on one side of the bed. Girls are meant from a young age, for them sex means making the partner happy and producing children.

But it is needless to say that the tide has come to change that thought. Before sex toy in the market was mainly male dominated. But now that has changed. Thousands of sex toys are being made thinking about a woman’s sexual pleasure. And it has become a hot cake in the Indian market. They are buying their favorite toy by conducting regular market survey.

Sex like eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom is also a part of our life. Just as it is unusual to think or talk about sex all day long, it is also unusual to be afraid to think or talk about it, or to open one’s mouth to one’s own needs or not to think about oneself as an empty girl. If there is no difference between men and women about eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom or its necessities, then why should there be sexual pleasure?

Where can one say – Why should boys have all the fun?

Why Sex is an Important Thing in Our Lifestyle?

Sex Toys Need for Women

Sex has an immense role in our daily lifestyle. The other functions of our human body depend on our sexual satisfaction. If we are not satisfied biologically then our brain cannot work properly. So, we cannot give attention in our other relevant works and we will do many mistakes. Besides, sex has an important role to make our love life more beautiful. It helps to keep the bonding of the partners intact. In this way sex helps us in different ways.

   So, why we are shaming! Rather say it louder without any hesitation.

Importance of Sex Toys:

Before the discussion about the importance of sex toys, we have to know about Kama Sutra. Kama sutra is a Sanskrit word that helps to make our sex life more attractive. After some years of marriage partners have no interest about sex life. So, their love life becomes faded because of this bad experience of sex life. Here Kama sutra provides different sex poses and many more to make the sex life delightful.

  Now let’s get into the topic about the importance of adult toys and how it works to make the bonding of partners stronger. Sex toy is a device that can give you more and more sexual satisfaction as long you want. In this way Sex toys can bring a new taste in your sex life.

History of using sex toys:

In ancient times people try to make better sex life in different ways. The concept of sex toys come almost thousand years ago. Different shapes of dildos were found which was made of stones, woods, and the other metals.  Besides, few years back, when the social media, internet was not available, people would know about the sex toys through the adult magazine. The magazines contain short sex stories, guideline of the adult merchandise and the other sexual activities. Then often customers would be cheated by those sellers. Now there is no chance to being cheated after the enhancement of internet services and uses social media.

Sex toys for women:

Sometimes are not satisfied her man. Besides, sex timing of women is much more than the men. So, there are few men who can fully satisfy a woman. There is a lot collection of different women sex toys at Teentoy in India. Let’s have a look below:


Dildo Sex Toys

Dildos are the most favorite adult toy for the women. There are different kinds of dildos are available at sextoy Hub at a minimum budget. Dildos are nothing but an artificial penis. All though it is known as artificial penis, female can get real enjoyment of a real well matured penis. Some women are not happy in sex life. Because, their partners are not able to provide that kind of sexual pleasure what they need. Some women are not satisfied by their husbands’ small penis. Some women are not satisfied due to the disability of their husbands’ less sex timing. Here dildos help the women to give proper sexual fantasies.

Some special kind of dildos are discussed here

Realistic dildo: Realistic dildos look almost same like the well matured penis. Besides, it is designed with the artificial vein. When a woman enters this dildo into her vagina she can get the realistic feeling of a large penis. Women can try this merchandise which is available at Sextoy Hub.

Silicone dildos: silicone dildos are made of premium qualities of silicone so that female can enjoy the real flesh of a male body.

Glass dildos: Glass dildos are made of glasses and it has transparent and sexy look.

Jelly dildos: Women who are looking for such different combination of dildos here jelly dildos are good option. Women should try these jelly dildos which are available at Sextot Hub.

Vibrating dildos: Most of the girls like vibrating dildos. Because, it provides vibrating sensation in the vagina.


Vibrators for Women

Some women like hardcore sex. But they cannot get that kind of sexual pleasure with their partners in the mattress. For those women vibrators are best option. As we have discussed the sex timing of women is much more than the men. Some women want to annihilate their sexual fantasies faster. Here vibrators play a great role. It can easily make your dry vagina wet very faster. The vibrating sensation let you provide a great sexual feeling and help to orgasm properly. There are different types of vibrators given below:

Smart vibrators: Smart vibrators are operated by Bluetooth via your mobile. There is special kind of smart vibrators at Sextoy Hub. Let you are in Maharashtra and your partner is in West Bengal. Your partner can operate your vibrator from west Bengal using his mobile.

Bullet vibrator: The woman who is looking for the substitute of hardcore sex here bullet vibrator is the good option.  Bullet vibrators help to orgasm so faster.

Artificial Hymen:

Artificial Hymen

There are so many places in India where women have no freedom. From the ancient time women have been kept behind the curtain. They cannot go beyond the social barrios. Standing on this situation Virginity is a big issue in India where in Foreign it’s not a fact. There are so many cases in India the marriage lives of some women are broken due to losing virginity. So, don’t worry women! Here artificial hymen can save your lives. Artificial Hymen help for fake bleeding from your vagina at the time of your first sex.

Sexy lingeries: Sexy lingeries is not a toy. Sexy lingeries are sexy dresses for women. It can give a lady attractive, sexy, hot look which can wake your partner’s dick up.

Lesbian sex toy:

Lesbian Sex Toys

There is many kind of lesbian adult toys available in India.  Usually lesbian girls In most cases lesbian women use solid straps on dildos for sexual intercourse with their partner. In addition, lesbian women use dildos, vibrators, bullet vibrators, etc. products.


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