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Sex Toys for Couple
Sex Toys for Couple

Sex toys have an immense role to the relationship of the couple stronger. Some years later of marriage the relationship between the partners are faded. Here, sex toys for couples help to make the bonding of the couple more attractive and beautiful.

Sextoy Hub- a Lot of Collection of Couple Sex Toys:

There are exclusive collection of couple sex toys at Sextoy Hub that can give the couple enough sexual pleasure. Sometimes, couples are not happy on the bed. Eventually, partners become so bore for the daily sex routine. Here adult toys for couple play a crucial role to provide them a better quality of lifestyle. Some relevant sex toys for couple are described below:


Sex Toys for Couple

Before discussion of BDSM adult toys for couple, it’s better to we have to know the What BDSM is. Specially, for beginners it is very necessary to know about this topic. Because, if they had a less idea about BDSM, it should be harmful for them.

BDSM is Bondage & discipline; Dominance & Submission; Sadism and Masochism. Every word that contains in BDSM is very much meaningful. Actually BDSM is an erotic practice of sex. BDSM is something different or something beyond the conventional sex practices. It’s a type of fun by giving pain to your partner during sex. Now, meaning of the every word included in BDSM is discussed below:

Bondage and Discipline:

Bondage is an important thing during sex. Here bondage means the practices of fastening, making your partner blind or refraining your partner to make noise. Psychologically, touching, teasing, kissing and licking are seemed more sensitive when your partner’s hands are folded or their eyes are blindfolded.

Dominance & Submission:

Dominance and submission are the most relevant part of BDSM. Dominance means the right of giving pain to the partner and Submission means being obliged by dominant partner during sex. Sometime your partner plays the dominance role then you have to play the role of submission and vice versa.

Sadism and Masochism:

Pain is the most important part of sex life. Sadism is the practice of giving pain and mechanism is receiving it. By spanking, whipping and lashing you can give your partner pain or you can get the pain from your partner.

Different Types of BDSM Kits:

There are different types of BDSM kits as follows:

Blind folders: Blind folders are the best option for beginners. You have to tie up this blind folder on your partner’s eyes and then you can kiss or tease your partner and partner won’t see but can feel. When your eyes are fastened properly your other sensation will be awakened. It is a feeling during sex.

Handcuffs and Arm restraints: If someone is looking for hardcore and erotic sex then handcuffs are the good option. You have to tie up your partners’ hands and legs with the handcuff and you can do with your partner whatever you want. Or your partner can try this with you.

Paddles, Ruler and Flogger: These adult products for couple are used to spank your partner. These are the advanced BDSM kits. You should try these carefully.

Ball gags: Ball gags are tied around the mouth so that you or your partner cannot make noise but can take breathe. If you are the beginner then you can try this product and please trust your partner while using these adult products for couple.

Role of BDSM Sex Toys:

  • It makes you evolve dominating and submissive in your sex.
  • In BDSM sex dominating partner can give pain to the submissive partner.
  • BDSM follows the rules of kamasutra.

Sex Games:

Couple sex toys
Sex Games

Sex game is the one of the most interesting game for couple. If couples are exhausted of boring sex routine, they should try this sex game. Sex game is also known as sex dice. The each side of the dice represents different daring activity. For example one side represents “Kissing” another represents “Sucking boobs”; rest of the four sides highlight “Anal sex”, “Vaginal sex”, “Blowjob”, “Sucking vagina” respectively. Besides, the every side of the dice may represent the different sex poses by its image.  First, the dice is thrown and then you have to complete the dare what will be in your luck.

Importance of Sex Games in a Nutshell:

  • It brings a new taste in boring sex life.
  • Couples can evolve roleplay by using these couple sex toys.
  • It provides proper strategies of sex to reinforce a fragile sex life.

Strap on Dildos:

Adult Toys for Couple
Strap on Dildos

Strap on dildos are used for couples and lesbian girls both. There are basically two types of strap on dildos Such as Hollow type Strap on dildos and Solid strap on dildos. Hollow type strap on dildos are for couples and solid strap on dildos are for lesbian girls. Sometimes, women are not happy for their men’s small, immature penis. Due to this dissatisfaction of sex life, their love life becomes faded. But this sex toy can bring a new taste in the sex life of couples. Men have to use this hollow type strap on dildos entering their penis inside it by fastening the belt around the waist during the sex with their women. This sex toy give the women more and more level of sexual pleasure and make the couples’ love life and sex life more delightful.

Important Notes Regarding Using Strap-on Dildo:

  • It can dissolve sexual problems in conjugal sex life.
  • It can cover the small penis of men in a well developed big penis so that they can make satisfy their women.
  • Lesbian girls can enjoy their sex life far beyond their normal sex by using these sex toys for couple.

Chastity Belt:

Adult Products for Couple
Chastity Belt

Chastity belts are the something different kind of sex toys for couple which are available at Sextoy Hub. It helps to lock the men’s penis for preventing the masturbation, so it is also known as penis clip. This product is used just for sexual fun. During sex your partner may lock your penis with the help of this chastity belt to control your sexual behaviour and when she releases your penis, your sexual temptation will be increased more.

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Nowadays people are going to know about different types of sex toys for couple. So, there are many online sex toys shops are marketing in India. The selling of the adult toys is growing up day by day. In this competitive sex toy market Sextoy Hub has got a well reputed place. And the customers are fully satisfied with our premium quality of couple sex products.