Impact on Turnover of Sex Toys in Ahmedabad During Covid-19 Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Era

Sex Toys in Ahmedabad

During the covid period, lots of industries are affected due to the lockdown. Inflation, economic recession and other crucial factors related to the economy disrupt the quality of life of human beings. Similarly, the selling of sex toys in Ahmedabad was drastically affected by this critical circumstance. Since sex toys are not too much related to the regular lifestyle of the people; buying sex toys was confined to rich people only. So, using sex toys for people who have an average income standard was like a dream. 


After covid 19, when the economy starts recovering itself, then those sex toy industries get back to a stable condition. Liberalization of international trading, and monetary policy; decrease in inflation draws a ray of hope for the sex toys traders. But it takes much time to normalise this condition. All in one, now after the covid pandemic period the industries of adult toys in Ahmedabad generate a fair contribution to GDSP (Gross Trade Domestic Product). 

During Covid Pandemic Era:

During the covid 19 pandemic, the growth of sex toys in Ahmedabad trading was moving downward. The underlying factors noticed during this period for decreasing the sale of sex toys are as follows:


  • Short Supply of Products: As during the covid 19 period, the short supply of sex toys was mismatched with the high volume of demand. At this time, the demand for adult products outran its supply. During the lockdown period, the people imprisoned themselves at their homes. For a monotonous lifestyle, people were so much craving for sexual activities which boosted up demand for sex toys. 


  • Hike in Price: Due to the shortfall in supply, the price of sex toys in Ahmedabad hiked. As well as another factor for rising prices is inflation. Actually, during that time period, the government spent huge money on welfare activities which caused a fiscal deficit. This fiscal deficit pulls up inflation. 


  • Quality of Lifestyle: Due to the lockdown, the quality of the lifestyle of the people was decreased. Where many people were unable to fulfil their primary requirements; buying sex toys was beyond their thinking.  That’s why buying sex toys were confined to rich people only. 

During Post Covid Pandemic Era:

After the covid 19, the turnover of sex toys was gradually increasing. Those sex toys industries took much time to recover from their condition. After covid 19 period, the sale of adult products boosted overall by 65%. “Sextoy Hub” has discovered an influx of 30 million visitors and sales of over 6 lakhs products at their Ahmedabad branch after the pandemic period. “Sextoy Hub” is the most popular sex toys store in Ahmedabad. This sex toys store is also famous in the city of Gurgaon and is known as an ideal source of getting premium sex toys in Gurgaon.

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