The World’s Top Rated Women Vibrator -We Vibe

women vibrator
women vibrator

We-Vibe Sync is an honor winning wearable women vibrator, intended to be appreciated with an accomplice during sex. This women vibrator’s slimmer end is embedded vaginally and its bigger end sits on the outside, pleasuring the two accomplices. She gets incredible incitement to her clitoris and G-spot and his erogenous zones are stimulated as far as possible. This sex toy conveys an absolutely without hands insight. That is on the grounds that it stays safely and serenely set up, in any event, when things get warmed and on the off chance that you switch positions during sex. That leaves your hands allowed to investigate and joy your accomplice to your hearts and body’s craving. It likewise accompanies a distant that permits you to change vibration modes and force in the warmth existing apart from everything else. Either accomplice can utilize the far off, or it works up to a distance of 3 meters. Additionally, it associates with the free We-Connect application on your cell phone so you can handle it from anyplace! As though all that wasn’t sufficient, this toy is created from 100% skin-safe silicone, so you never need to stress over any uneasiness during or after use.

The most effective method to Use

women vibrator
women vibrator

The bigger end will remain remotely, lying on top of the lady’s clitoris. This way you can wear the Sync couples’ vibrator during foreplay and even sex. During sex, the accomplice’s penis will fit easily close by the toy. Control the toy distantly utilizing the We-Connect application or utilize the included controller. When you’re done, clean it completely with cleanser and water or toy cleaner, and let it dry altogether prior to putting away it. This toy can be utilized with water-based lube to upgrade the experience.


Master Tips


  • Start foreplay early and take this toy with you out to supper, where its vibrations can be cautiously constrained by your cell phone application!


  • The application includes a ‘beat mode’ that lets you vibe to music and a ‘contact mode’ for fingertip control. Fun!


  • This toy is waterproof, so you can take your enjoyable to the shower, the shower or even into the ocean.

How We-Vibe is More Advanced than the Rabbit Vibrator

We-vibe is well advanced than the rabbit vibrator. Perhaps, it seems that rabbit vibrator and we vibe is almost same. Yes, of course their functions are almost same but they are different in the mode of uses and their texture.  Rabbit vibrator and we vibe are similar because of stimulating the clitoral area and the vagina at a time. Despite the similarities we-vibe is advanced because rabbit vibrator is used for only solo sex while the we-vibe women vibrator is used both for the solo and couple sex. While using we-vibe the men insert their penis with the edge of the we-vibe which provide a great vibrating sensation both in the vagina and the penis.  Actually we-vibe is made in the way that both of the partners will be satisfied with one vibrator. In this way we vibe vibrator is more advanced than the rabbit vibrator.

How to Use We Vibes Women Vibrator

  • First insert the tale of this women vibrator inside the pussy.
  • Then put on the vibration mode.
  • One side of the vibrator stimulate the interior portion of the vagina.
  • If your partner penetrates his penis inside the pussy, he can also feel a great vibrating stimulation on his penis.
  • Other side of the vibrator vibrates your clitoral area.

This vibrator is operated by remote; even such smart we-vibes are operated via Bluetooth or mobile app.